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Crystal Healing Diploma

Our next course starts ,in September 2015 and will be run one Saturday a month between 10am and 4pm.  It will be run over an academic year from September to July and the cost will be £30 for each session.  Plus an initial payment of £90 which includes registration, manual, and probationer insurance. If you are interested in this workshop Click Here to book your place.

During the course the student will learn:

  • How to sense the energy of the crystals
  • How to intuitively choose a crystal
  • How to cleanse and energise a crystal
  • About the subtle energy systems of the body
  • About the metaphysics of illness
  • To use a pendulum
  • To balance the chakras
  • To cleanse the aura
  • A standard crystal layout to calm and revitalise the mind, body and spirit
  • To create an intuitive crystal layout
  • How to use different layouts to treat different conditions
  • How to use crystals to enhance the energy of the home and for divination

They will also learn:

  • About the aura, it’s composition and how to sense and see it
  • About the Chakras, their colours and function
  • About Meridians 
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • How to meditate with crystals
  • Holistic Healing College Code of Conduct and Code of Practice

During the course they will be required to undertake:

  • 8 Anatomy and Physiology assignments
  • 4 case studies

On successful completion the student will be awarded with a diploma issued by the Holistic Healing College which enables them to practice on the general public.

To book your place on this course please call me, Sally Wathen, on: 0115 973 2695 or Click Here to send me a message.


Advanced Crystal Healing


This course starts in September.  It is  designed to enhance the work of therapists already using Crystal Healing as part of their range of therapies. However, it will also be of interest to anyone who has a love of crystals and would like to expand their knowledge for personal and family use. This course is run over an academic year from September to July. There is a cost for eac sessions and an intitial cost of £90 which includes manual, registration and probationer insurance.

This course also carries an accreditation from the Holistic Healers Association and requires that case studies be undertaken during the year 

During the Course Students will learn techniques to:

  • Use crytals to enhance Intuition, Life Purpose and Career
  • Use crystals to calm symptoms of stress
  • Use crystal for painful conditions
  • Use crystal to calm distress caused by allergies
  • Make crystal elixirs using the energy of the Moon Energy
  • Use crystal layouts for the digestive system and learn their association with nutrition
  • Use crystal layouts for conditions such as migraines, blocked sinuses, clicking jaw and facial pain
  • Use crystal layouts for conditions of the back
  • Use crystals to enhance well being and a healthy lifestyle
  • Use of crystals with Animals

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What's On

 MAY 2015

Saturday 16th

Pamper Day  This is fully booked. However we are taking names for the reserve list in case of cancellations

Sunday 17th

Hopi Ear Candling Course.  This is an accredited course.  See the drop down menu 'workshops' for more details

Saturday 23rd

Heal Healers.  An afternoon for the healers to share therapies and support one another. Starts 1pm and costs £5

Saturday 30th

Sally's Saturday Clinic.  Any Treatment and reading 30 min for £10.  Why not book an hour for £20?

Psychic Supper.  Come along and enjoy an entertaining evening connecting with friends and family in the spirit world.  We also include supper and till only £10!

JUNE 2015

Friday 18th

Summer Solstice celebration. Come along and celebrate the Festival of acheivement.  Starts 7.30 costs £5

JULY 2015

Sunday 5th

Exploring the Tarot.  This workshop is designed for those with a little knowledge of the Tarot.  Runs from 10am to 4pm £30

Satuday 18th

Chinese Five Elements. This session is part of a new series of workshops for continuing professional development of Kinesiologists.  Runs from 10am to 4pm costs £30.



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...and of course our Spiritual Development and Psychic Development Circles will be running as usual on a Thursday and Friday throughout the coming season at just £5.00 per session 7.30pm~9.30pm

Unless otherwise stated all events take place at

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