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What is a Crystal?

The word Crystal on it's own usually refers to Quartz.

This includes Rock Crystal, Amethyst (and therefore Citrine), Rose Quartz, Rutilated Quartz and Smokey Quartz.

Chalcedony is the name given to non-crstalline quartz, an example of this is Agate.

Crystals as all matter are made up of atoms. Matter is made up of highly complex energy fields. Once it was thought that atoms were the smallest particles of matter. However, it is nowknown that atoms are made up of even smaller particles, Electrons, Protons and Neutrons. Through experimentation it has been found that Electronsare both particles and waves, both energy and matter.

All Crystalline structures are formed of mathematically precise and orderly arrays of Atoms. For this reason Crystals will repond in unique and precise ways to heat, light, pressure and sound and can store immense amounts of information. This is why they can be used in industry.

Examples of industrial ussage are:

  • In liquid crystal displays (LCD) like TV's and digital watches.
  • The quartz movement in watches.
  • Diamond cutting tools.
  • The first laser beam, developed in the 1960's used a Ruby crystal as a vital component.

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What's On

 MAY 2015

Saturday 16th

Pamper Day  This is fully booked. However we are taking names for the reserve list in case of cancellations

Sunday 17th

Hopi Ear Candling Course.  This is an accredited course.  See the drop down menu 'workshops' for more details

Saturday 23rd

Heal Healers.  An afternoon for the healers to share therapies and support one another. Starts 1pm and costs £5

Saturday 30th

Sally's Saturday Clinic.  Any Treatment and reading 30 min for £10.  Why not book an hour for £20?

Psychic Supper.  Come along and enjoy an entertaining evening connecting with friends and family in the spirit world.  We also include supper and till only £10!

JUNE 2015

Friday 18th

Summer Solstice celebration. Come along and celebrate the Festival of acheivement.  Starts 7.30 costs £5

JULY 2015

Sunday 5th

Exploring the Tarot.  This workshop is designed for those with a little knowledge of the Tarot.  Runs from 10am to 4pm £30

Satuday 18th

Chinese Five Elements. This session is part of a new series of workshops for continuing professional development of Kinesiologists.  Runs from 10am to 4pm costs £30.



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...and of course our Spiritual Development and Psychic Development Circles will be running as usual on a Thursday and Friday throughout the coming season at just £5.00 per session 7.30pm~9.30pm

Unless otherwise stated all events take place at

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